Automatic Cat Self Groomer - Wall Corner Brushes Soft Cat Corner Scratcher Self Grooming

Color: White
Electrical outlet: USB
Sale price$83.00


Introducing the Automatic Cat Self Groomer, a revolutionary new grooming tool for your feline friend. This innovative product attaches to the wall in a corner of your home and features soft brushes that your cat can use to groom and scratch themselves.

Measuring 190 x 156 x 112 mm, this self-groomer is made of durable ABS plastic and other materials, ensuring that it can withstand regular use. The product is classified as a bath/massage brush and comes in a sleek white color. The product name is "Smart Cat Brush" and the size of the product is 133 * 96 * 160mm. And the net weight of the product is 572g, and the gross weight is 697g. It is made of ABS+silica gel, which is soft and safe for your cat to use.

This self-groomer is designed to make grooming more convenient for both you and your cat. It eliminates the need for constant grooming and scratching, and helps keep your cat's coat healthy and shiny. The self-groomer is also easy to install, and comes with a set of massager.

Make grooming a breeze for your feline friend with the Automatic Cat Self Groomer. The package includes one set of massager.

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