Blackhead Pore Vacuum Cleaner

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Introducing the Blackhead Pore Vacuum Cleaner, a nose cleanser and blackheads remover that gently and effectively removes blackheads and acne. Made of durable plastic, this blackhead vacuum cleaner is easy to use and has been designed with safety in mind. It has a microcrystalline blackhead instrument, product model ly-9128, input power 2.5W, rated voltage 3.7V, suction less than or equal to 53kpa, charging time about 90 minutes and executive standard Q/SKT 005-2019.

To use, first, clean your skin with hot water. Next, use a face steamer or hot towel to open your pores for 5 minutes (with a temperature around 35-40). Then apply an export liquid and start suctioning, avoiding staying in the same place while moving from top to bottom to avoid absorption of red and purple. After suctioning, cleanse, massage gently and wash with cold water to shrink pores. You can apply a mask as daily care after suctioning blackheads, for best results use it after bathing.

Please note: Do not use it on wounded or scarred skin. The instrument has strong suction power. Stay on the same spot all the time to avoid leaving marks. After the treatment, the skin will appear a little redness is normal and will disappear automatically within 5-10 minutes. Please do not wash the body.

Package Includes: 1x Blackhead Pore Vacuum Cleaner


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