Car Heater - Portable Defrosting and Defogging Small Electrical Appliance for Your Vehicle

style: Clean air with stand
Sale price$71.77


Keep your car clear and comfortable with this portable car heater. Perfect for defrosting and defogging windows in the winter, or providing cool air in the summer, this small electrical appliance is a must-have for any vehicle.

The car heater features a 360-degree rotating support frame with a follow control, making it convenient and comfortable to use. The upgraded design also allows you to control the direction of hot air as a suction frame. It is very easy to install, just insert it into the cigarette holder in the car and turn it on.

The car heater has a power of 150W and a net weight of 255g, with a product size of about 15*7cm and cord length of 1.5 meters. It comes in black and grey color, made of spray paint and ABS.

The package includes a car heater, a bracket or a car heater + bracket. The package size is 12.3*8.2*15.2cm. The product is packaged in a color box.

Package Content: Car Heater* 1 or Bracket * 1 or Car Heater+ Bracket * 2


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