Double Layer Litter Cat Bed Pads - Pet Cat Litter Mat Trapping Pets Litter Box Mat for House Cleaning

Size: XS
Color: Black
Sale price$35.00


Keep your home cleaner with this double layer litter cat bed pad. Made of high quality cloth and plastic, this litter mat is designed to trap pet litter and make cleaning up a breeze. It features a one-step cleaning process, less scatter, trapped garbage that can be reused, and even serves as a new toy for your cat. It also comes with a waterproof layer to keep the mat dry and hygienic.

This cat litter pad is available in sizes S, M and L and in colors black and grey. It comes in two styles, tile and foldable. The foldable black and foldable gray options can be folded, while the black and gray options can only be tiled. The package size is 350 x 300 x 200 mm. You can choose between different options of package contents, XS2PC= contains 2 pieces of XS size, XS3PC=3 pieces of XS size included, XS and S = one piece of XS size + one piece of S size, XS and M = one piece of XS size + one piece of M size, XS and L = one piece of XS size + one piece of L size, S 2PC = 2 pieces of S size included, S3PC = 3 pieces of S size included, M 2PC = 2 pieces of M size included, M3PC = 3 pieces of M size included, L 2PC = 2 pieces of L size included and L3PC = 3 pieces of L size included. The product is made of EVA and comes in conventional PP bag packaging. It is easy to clean, very convenient to use, waterproof, and recyclable cat litter.

The package content is 1*Cat litter pad.

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