Ergonomic Mouse Wrist Rest: Silicon Gel Non-Slip Streamline Wrist Rest Support Mat for Office and Gaming

Color: Black
Sale price$30.00


Say goodbye to mouse hand with our Ergonomic Mouse Wrist Rest. Designed with a three-dimensional curved bionic arm rest posture, this wrist rest allows for a natural bend in your hand, effectively eliminating the cause of mouse hand. The streamline style is designed specifically for right-handed users, with a concave design to help avoid mouse hand.

The wrist rest features a gliding motion that helps keep your wrist aligned through the full range of motion, making it perfect for those who experience stiffness or pain from long hours of computer use. The wrist rest was designed by a team of professionals specializing in wrist health, and is made with the perfect balance of firmness for support and softness for comfort.

Made with extremely smooth mouse skates, this wrist rest glides smoothly with your mouse, preventing uncomfortable positions and bend of your wrist. The wrist rest is made of one piece of comfortable, cooling material for stability and durability.

To use, simply align your palm in the wrist rest before gripping your mouse. It may take some time to get used to, but your wrist will thank you. This wrist rest is for right-handed use only and works for any computer setup, whether it's Windows or Apple Mac.


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