Middle Aged and Elderly Knee Massager Electric Knee Pad

Color: One heated knee pad
Sale price$125.00


Introducing the Middle Aged and Elderly Knee Massager Electric Knee Pad, the perfect solution for soothing knee pain and discomfort. Made of durable plastic, this electric knee pad features a heating massage function, with 3 vibration modes and 3 vibration force options for optimal pain relief. The hot compress mode also has 4 options to choose from, and the timer duration can be set for up to 30 minutes.

Designed with your comfort in mind, this knee pad comes with a type-C charging interface and has a heating temperature range of 40-55 degrees. It is made of thermal insulation diving material, graphene, and heating film, making it suitable for knee protection, shoulder protection, waist protection and leg protection. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes, including one heated knee pad, one pair of heated knee pads, one voice heated knee pad and one pair of voice heated knee pad. The product size is 62 * 30cm and host size is 72 * 58 * 20mm

Please note, this product is not suitable for:

  • Early pregnancy or shortly after delivery
  • Medical electronic devices implanted in the body
  • Those whose body temperature is higher than 38 ° C (fever)
  • The patient has just finished the operation and the wound has not healed yet
  • People with leg nerve disorders or skin sensory disorders
  • Patients with malignant tumors and severe heart disease
  • Patients with or had leg diseases (tendon injuries, deformities, fractures, varicose veins, etc.)
  • Please consult the doctor for other patients

Package Includes: knee protector 1, host 1, wormwood bag 1, data cable 1, instruction manual 1


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bernhard Walsh

a lifesaver for anyone dealing with knee pain

Clementina Walsh

This massager is incredibly effective in reducing inflammation and promoting circulation.

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