Sports Knee Pads - Knitted Sports Knee Pads for Maximum Protection

Color: Black
Size: S
Sale price$29.00


Introducing our Sports Knee Pads, designed to provide maximum protection for your knees during a variety of sports and activities. Made from high-quality cloth material, these knee pads are perfect for sports such as football, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, fitness equipment, bowling, riding, roller skating, and martial arts.

The main body material is nylon and the knee pads are suitable for adult use. The package size is 100x150x100mm and 100x150x50mm, and it comes in a variety of colors and sizes including Green S, Green M, Green L, Green XL, Black S, Black M, Black L, Black XL, Blue S, Blue M, Blue L, Blue XL. The number of boxes is 200. It is suitable for running sports, fitness equipment, fitness and bodybuilding, sports trends, cycling sports, ice and snow sports, extreme challenges, hiking and camping, martial arts self-defense, sports protective gear accessories, dance sports, foot basket volleyball, table tennis, tennis, and other ball sports.

The gross weight is 100g and the material is nylon. These knee pads are not liquid and not charged. They can be adjusted to fit snugly to your legs, providing support and protection for your knees during high-impact sports and activities.

Don't let knee pain slow you down, try our Sports Knee Pads today and experience the difference!

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